"Buy a good  equipment and avoid a problem"


Arenas Páez, CA (APACA) was founded in October 1979, having since then its head office in Valencia, Venezuela. It began as a company of engineering projects and then it became a major supplier of spare parts for the poultry industry. That was how they began to represent prestigious international brands, manufacturers of equipment for the food industry both in the processing and packaging area, which still remain as their most important brands, forming a team of lines for value-added products development. 

Our company, along with its brands, is in constant implementation of continuous improvement in technical support and post-sales services, including periodic training, auditing equipment for functional verification and revisions in general. 

The company assists from its beginnings to the most recognized international events in the food industry for processing and packaging, as well as technical training, sales agents meetings in order to stay ahead of technology and improve the quality of the service offered to their customers. 

In 2017, the company opens a news operation office in the United States under the name of APACA Food Processing Systems annd Supplies in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the intention of providing a better service to all customers located in the different territories that it operates and strategically located having the most efficient communication channels. From this new location, the company provides the usual services of its original headquarters including the provision of casings and clips for the meat industry and, acting as purchasing agent for our customers, locating and supplying spare parts for machinery in general which they employ in their production lines.


Equipo de Trabajo apaca-02.png

Ing. Jose Luis Arenas


Fort Lauderdale

Equipo de Trabajo apaca-03.png

Econ. Mariandreina Arenas

General Manager


Equipo de Trabajo apaca-04.png

Ing. Roberto Salas

Service Department


Equipo de Trabajo apaca2-03.png
Equipo de Trabajo apaca2-02.png

Lic. Cesar Figueroa

Supplies Department


Ing. Patricia Vasconez

Administrative Assistant

Fort Lauderdale



Administrative Assistant

Fort Lauderdale

To provide professional advice to the purchase of machinery and equipment of the highest quality and technology for food processing and packaging industry, offering a comprehensive solution to its customers.

To develop competitive advantage through the differentiation of the service offered optimizing its quality which will maintain long-term business relationships with customers.





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Venezuela Office

United States Office