• Training of personnel for the operation, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. 
• Start up. 
• Periodic technical audits at the client's request, which include:
   - General evaluation of the system. 
   - Review of system operation parameters. 
   - Tests to determine repeatability, linearity and eccentricity.
   - General tests of the system components.
   - Calibration report and verification of system operation. 
• Induction about weight inspection. 
• Fault diagnosis.
•Technical assistance regarding spare parts to keep in stock.

Metal Detector


Meat Separator

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We have qualified staff to advise you on the purchase of the right equipment for your particular production needs, we also dedicate ourselves to set up integrated production lines for added value products such as stuffing, breading and burger meats. The advice involves determining which of each element that comprises the production line is the most suitable according to the raw material, the type of final product and the desired throughput, etc; so that a high quality product and a highly productive line for recovering the investment in the shortest time possible are obtained. Additionally we are willing to assist you with any previous experience to the purchase that you need to cover such as visiting plants where equipments of our brands are already operating, visiting the laboratories of the brands we represent, international fairs where new equipments are presented, etc.


Thanks to the audit services and performance certifications that we offer, you can get support from our experts in determining the necessary spare parts to guarantee proper functioning of a particular equipment, and, at the same time, keep in stock the recommended spare parts to solve emergencies without delays or line stops.



Do you have any idea what a Metal Detector is? Do you know how this technology works? Does your production line need to be protected by a Metal Detector? Do you know the scope of implementing online metal detection systems? Have you heard about the plans to establish critical control points in production lines?

All this and more you will learn in the APACA Academy with our Metal Detection Technology Online Induction. You can request your budget specifically for this service here, or you can contact us to request more information about it