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Detector de Metales
Verificador de peso
Recuperadora de carne



Training of personnel for the operation, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. 

• Commissioning. 

• Periodic technical audits at the request of the client, which include: 
    - General system evaluation. 
    - Review of system operating parameters. 
    - Tests to determine Repeatability, Linearity and Eccentricity. 
    - General system component tests. 
    - Report of calibration and verification of system operation. 

• Induction about weight inspection. 

• Fault diagnosis. 

• Technical assistance regarding spare parts to keep  in stock.

Detector de Metales

Verificador de Peso

Recuperadora de Carne



We have qualified personnel to advise you on the purchase of the correct equipment for your particular production needs, we even dedicate ourselves to configuring comprehensive lines for the production of value-added products such as sausages, breaded meats and hamburgers. The advice implies determining which of each of the elements that will make up the production line is the one indicated according to the raw material to be processed, the type of final products to be elaborated, the desired production volume, among others; in such a way as to obtain a high quality final product and a highly productive line that allows the investment to be recovered in the shortest possible time. Additionally, we are willing to assist you with any experience prior to the purchase that you need to cover, such as visits to plants where our brand equipment already operates, visits to the laboratories of our represented companies, international fairs where the equipment offered is exhibited, etc.



Thanks to the audit and operation certification services that we offer, you can receive support from our technicians and experts in determining the necessary spare parts to guarantee the correct operation of a given piece of equipment and, in turn, keep recommended spare parts in stock to solve emergencies. no delays or line stops.

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Learn more about food processing technology and increase the profitability of your business.


That is the motto of our Apaca Academy. Our Training Program was created with the intention that anyone who is related to the food processing and packaging sector can investigate some topics of interest that may be a trend in the market. The idea is that both students, managers or operators have access to 45-minute online classes which will give them tools to perform at their best while giving them ideas on the development of new products, new technologies, preventive maintenance techniques. , food safety among others.

The classes are oriented to some topics such as: The Formula for the "Perfect Burger",  Induction in metal detection technology, Fundamental Aspects of X-ray Technology in the food industry, Development of value-added products in the poultry industry, how to increase performance in poultry deboning lines, sausage production, breaded production, detection of glass in glass, defrosting through massagers 

Academia APACA


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